Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Sea-Tac Airport Valet or Self-Parking? The Pros and Cons of Each

Airport ParkingWhen you drive from Canada to catch a flight out of SeaTac, one of the first stops you’ll need to make is the facility where you will leave your vehicle. As you may have already discovered, parking your car at an off-site SeaTac Airport parking lot (like Aeroparking) is generally the best choice: Aeroparking provides you with short-term and long-term parking at competitive rates, and the facility is kept secure with a variety of features. The service is friendly, the shuttles are timely, and the parking lot is only a few minutes from the airport.

If you haven’t yet utilized the Aeroparking facility, you may be curious about the difference between self-parking and valet parking. Both options offer various pros and cons, and Aeroparking makes use of each method in the most logical way possible. The ultimate goal is to afford you maximum convenience when you choose to Park & Fly. In most cases, “self-park and lock” is the most viable strategy for customers – but in some instances, we will implement valet parking to ensure that you make your flight on time.

Valet Service Pros and Cons

At many parking facilities, you are left with no option but valet service. While this might initially seem convenient, certain factors must be taken into consideration. Valet service generally requires a tip at such facilities, which adds to the overall cost of your parking experience. Additionally, you could be forced to wait for valet service at a huge, multi-level facility. If this is the case, you may be later than you should be in getting to the airport.

Why Self-Parking Is Usually the Best Choice

One of the many reasons that people park at our facility is that our self-park and lock policy is easy and convenient. You may wish to first reserve your space in our lot; as a Perks Club member, you may do this very quickly via our website. Once you make the trip from Canada to SeaTac, you can simply come to the Aeroparking lot and find your parking spot. Parking this way is fast and free of hassle. Once you lock your car and get your baggage, you are ready to board our free shuttle to the airport.

The only time that self-parking might put you at a disadvantage is when our parking spaces are filled. In such an instance, looking for a space could cause you to waste time that you cannot spare when you need to catch a plane. However, this should never be a problem for you at the Aeroparking facility – we have planned accordingly so that you do not need to deal with unnecessary stress. If the spaces are filled, we will provide valet service to accommodate you. One of our staff members will park your car for you, leaving you free to get to the airport.

Our main objective is to make your parking experience as simple and comfortable as possible. When self-parking is the best option (which is most of the time), we will provide it to you. When the circumstances make valet service a logical strategy, we will offer that instead. No matter which method of parking is implemented when you arrive at our SeaTac Airport Aeroparking facility, you’ll know that your car is parked safely in our lot until you return from your trip.

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