Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

The Importance of Great Customer Service at Long-Term Airport Parking Lots

Key in HandNo matter what kinds of products or services you buy, you probably expect them to be delivered along with good customer service. Whether you are shopping for groceries or having your car repaired – if the customer experience is not a good one, you probably won’t return for more. Conversely, when you are on the receiving end of superior service and feel valued as a customer, you are far more likely to express loyalty to the business that has extended such service to you.

Surprisingly, some business owners do not understand the value of a great customer experience mindset. Their businesses may lose customers every day, and they may never truly comprehend why this is. Aeroparking understands the merit in maintaining this kind of mindset, and we are committed to providing you with consistently memorable service every time you park at our off-site SeaTac Airport facility.

How You Can Benefit From Our Mindset

We want you to know that you are valued by every member of our team. If you’ve traveled from Canada to fly out of SeaTac, you deserve to be treated to all of the advantages that we offer. We are dedicated to providing you with an optimal parking experience – whether you park with us for a day or a month. One of the top benefits we offer is excellent customer service because we know that ultimately, this is a major factor in building long-term customer relationships.

What You Can Expect

We know that when you are planning your trip out of SeaTac, you hope to deal with as little hassle as possible. This is why we enable you to make parking reservations via our free Aeroparking Perks program. You can make arrangements online, so you don’t need to worry about whether a parking space will be available after you drive in from Canada.

Once you arrive, you can self-park and lock your vehicle. On the occasions when the parking lot is temporarily filled, we will provide valet service – so you won’t need to worry about finding a space and potentially missing your flight.

After you park your car or a valet offers assistance, you can board our free shuttle bus. The shuttle rides to and from the airport free of charge for our parking customers. Our drivers will help you manage your cargo while you find a seat on the bus.

Please Feel Free to Tell Us How We’re Doing

We want to provide you with a customer experience that is memorable. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback on whether we have done that for you. If we did not meet your expectations, please tell us – and if you had the great experience that you should have every time you park at our facility, please feel free to let us know that, too. Welcome to Aeroparking – our mindset is focused on you!

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