Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Why Offsite Parking at SeaTac Is the Best Choice or You

Airport ParkingIf you’re one of the many smart Canadians who have learned that flying out of SeaTac can save you money, then you may also be interested in finding the best available SeaTac parking. A brief exploration of the topic would likely reveal that parking at an offsite SeaTac Airport lot is the top preference of many others who share your circumstances. The Aeroparking facility offers round-the-clock service and security, and the rates are designed to benefit our customers. When you select the Park & Fly option, you can leave town without depleting your budget or worrying about your vehicle.

Offsite Seatac Parking versus Onsite Parking

Parking onsite at SeaTac could cost you far more than you might expect. The rates per day and per week at the Aeroparking lot are much more affordable than leaving your car at the airport for an equal amount of time. Those airport parking lot fees add up – and if you’re driving to SeaTac from Canada to save money, then paying higher parking fees at the airport simply does not make good financial sense. That’s why so many Canadian travelers choose the Aeroparking lot instead of an onsite airport parking spot.

Operating Daily – 24 Hours Per Day

Flights leave from SeaTac all the time – at every hour of the night and day. An offsite parking facility that only operates during business hours would not be a feasible option for those who need to fly during non-business hours. A person who lands at Seatac after business hours would also be inconvenienced by being forced to wait until morning to retrieve a vehicle. This would be particularly inconvenient for travelers coming to SeaTac from Canada. That is why Aeroparking stays open for customers at all hours during the daytime and nighttime.

Shuttle Buses to Accommodate Your Travel Needs

In addition to being operational at all times, Aeroparking also provides you with 24-hour shuttle service. Our facility wouldn’t be of much use to you if you couldn’t get to the airport quickly after parking your car. Our shuttles run often, and they’re easy to spot (look for the red buses). Best of all: They’re free to our customers!

We Make Parking Easy for You

Another advantage of leaving our vehicle at Aeroparking is that we want to make doing this as easy as possible for you. You can make your reservations online, so you’ll be sure to have a spot available when you drive from Canada. During peak hours, we’ll even provide valet service – so you don’t need to wait to park your car (and possibly miss your flight).

Driving to SeaTac Airport from Canada is an optimal plan for numerous individuals. The airline fares are less expensive, which means you can spend your money during your trip instead of paying high airline prices. When you choose SeaTac offsite parking, you can save even more money – and you’ll benefit from a variety of other factors, as well.

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