Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Don’t Worry About Your Car – It’s Safe at SeaTac Airport Offsite Parking

Handing Keys with Confidence

We know you don’t want to be worried about your vehicle when you’re on your vacation or business trip. When you park at Aeroparking, you can fly out of SeaTac Airport with peace of mind. We provide our customers with a variety of excellent security features – so you don’t need to be concerned about your vehicle when you’re gone. We know that the security of your car is probably at the top of your priority list – and since our customers are our top priority, that issue is important to us, as well. When you leave your car at the Aeroparking lot, you can get started as soon as possible with the business or fun of your trip out of SeaTac Airport.

Onsite Patrol All Day and Night

One of the top security features you rely on at our facility is a patrol that goes 24 hours per day and seven days per week. That 24-hour attendance makes a big difference to many of our customers. You depend on your car to go everywhere you need to when you’re at home. Whether you spent a lot of money to purchase your vehicle or you got a great deal on an older vehicle, you likely don’t want it to be stolen or vandalized. This can happen if you leave your car at home while you travel. Your vehicle becomes vulnerable to any person who might be watching your neighborhood for temporarily unoccupied dwellings. Once such an individual realizes that your car has been left unused for some time, that person’s next step could be to break into your vehicle – or even into your home.

At our facility, your car will be in a place that is watched continuously by our staff and system. You can leave for your business or holiday trip without worrying. That is the kind of peace of mind that is truly priceless.

Our Other Security Features

24-hour attendance is not the only security feature we offer at the Aeroparking lot. The facility is well-lighted, so you may feel secure not only about your vehicle, but about your own well-being, too. The lot is paved, which is easier on your car’s tires and easier to navigate, as well. When you’re in a rush to catch our next shuttle to SeaTac Airport, walking to catch it on pavement -instead of on a lot made of dirt or gravel – is safer overall. Tripping on gravel or sliding and falling on dirt could cause you to miss your flight, and it might even result in a serious injury.

If you’re coming from Canada to fly out of SeaTac, you will want to be sure that your vehicle is safe when you’re out of town. Leaving your car at home could trigger a home invasion or vehicle break-in, so it’s in your best interest to find a reasonable alternative. Aeroparking offers such an alternative, along with several other features that make us the best choice for countless traveling Canadians.

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