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Frequent Flier Miles: How to Make the Most of Them When You Fly Out of SeaTac

Air milesFrequent flier miles can be used to help you maximize the time and money you spend flying. Many Canadians who fly from SeaTac airport to save money may also benefit from taking advantage of frequent flier programs. By following a few tips and tricks, you may get the most from every trip you take by accruing and using your frequent flier miles. Don’t forget to get the most from your parking budget, as well – leaving your vehicle at an offsite SeaTac facility is generally the most cost-efficient way to do that.

Travel With the Same Company Whenever Possible

Since rewards programs are typically extended by individual airlines, the best way to accumulate as many frequent flier miles as possible is to fly with the same airline company. Although it may take a little extra effort to fly with the same airline every time you fly, the overall savings could be well worth it. In some cases, you might not be able to catch the flight you need with your company of choice – but the more that you do it when you can, the more money you might ultimately be able to save.

Earn Miles by Shopping Online

Some airline companies may allow you to earn frequent flier miles by shopping at their online malls. Doing this could also help you to avoid losing your points when they expire. If you don’t plan to take another trip for a while but want to keep your rewards points, this could be a solid plan for saving the miles until you’re ready to use them. This is an especially useful strategy for people who drive from Canada to SeaTac Airport – you can keep your rewards points until you need them, and you won’t be forced to make an extra trip just to use them.

Learn the Program Details

Be sure to learn the program details associated with the airline company you choose. You may be able to apply your frequent flier points to perks other than flying. Some companies allow customers to use their rewards points for perks such as upgrades, preferred check-in status, and using the airport lounges.

Save Money in Another Way

Another great way to save money is by parking at an offsite SeaTac lot. Doing this is much more affordable than parking at the airport, and the Aeroparking lot is only minutes away from SeaTac Airport. Additionally, you can earn rewards points at the Aeroparking facility – so you’ll enjoy perks for parking frequently in the same way that you enjoy perks for flying often.

Flying from SeaTac instead of Canada is a great way to save a lot of money on travel expenses. If you fly frequently, you should get the most from your loyalty as a customer. By joining the rewards programs offered by airline companies and Aeroparking, you could park and fly for free more often than you might imagine.

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