Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Know How to Pack for Your Trip Out of SeaTac – and Where to Leave Your Car

BaggageMany experienced travelers consider packing to be an art-form unto itself. If you don’t fly often, you might consider a few tips from those who do. Part of being prepared is knowing where to leave your vehicle, such as at a safe location like Aeroparking. When you prepare as efficiently as possible for your next trip out of SeaTac, you’ll be able to simply relax and enjoy your flight. You’ll also be able to appreciate your trip because you won’t spend time worrying about your luggage or your vehicle.

Choosing How Many Bags to Take

One of the first details to keep in mind is that many airline companies charge a fee for any bags that you don’t carry on the plane with you. If you aren’t going on a long trip, then you might want to pack only a carry-on bag. If you are driving from Canada to SeaTac to avoid the high rates associated with Canadian flights, then you may also appreciate avoiding the extra fee for the extra bag. Additionally, you’ll save time because you won’t need to wait at the baggage claim area for your luggage. If you’re going on an extended stay or a trip that is longer than a few days, you will probably need the extra bag, though.

Packing Your Bags Efficiently

Packing to maximize space takes practice – so if you don’t have much experience doing this, you may want to get packed well ahead of your trip. You may need to move items around and repack until you find the best fit. Don’t forget to weigh each bag once you’ve packed it; most airlines have weight restrictions per bag, and going beyond the weight allowance will consequently incur a fee.

Generally, you should start with items of clothing. Roll up your clothes, and line the bottom of your bag with them (they may then provide a cushion for anything fragile you bring with you). If you are packing any liquids, gel, or aerosols in your carry-on luggage, you will need to adhere to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines found at the TSA website. Try to distribute heavier items (such as books and shoes) evenly on top of the clothing you’ve packed. If you bring jewelry or other valuable items, you should pack those in your carry-on for safekeeping.

Park Your Car in a Safe Place

Another aspect of traveling efficiently is taking care of important details before you arrive at the airport. One of these details is the security of your vehicle. When you leave your car at the Aeroparking lot (which is just a few minutes from SeaTac), you’ll know that it will be stored at a facility that is well-lighted and under 24-hour surveillance.

The next time that you plan a trip out of SeaTac, remember to pack your bags in such a way that you won’t need to worry about your belongings. You shouldn’t need to worry about either your personal belongings or your vehicle. Leave your car at the Aeroparking facility when you drive to SeaTac from Canada, and you should be able to enjoy a worry-free trip.

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