Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

How to Prepare Your Car for Long-Term SeaTac Parking in Winter

Cold Weather ParkingLeaving your vehicle at an offsite SeaTac parking facility is a wise choice, especially if you are driving to SeaTac Airport to avoid the expensive flights going out of Canada. If you are going to park your car at the Aeroparking lot in the wintertime, you may want to consider a few tips on leaving your car parked for the long-term at that time of year. By preparing your car for its extended stay at the offsite SeaTac Airport lot, you could prevent a few inconvenient or costly issues.

Protect the Paint on Your Car

If you normally park your vehicle in a garage, you may want to take a few extra measures to protect its paint job. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to do this, and the small investment you make could be well worth the effort. Before your trip, consider applying a layer of polymer wax to the paint. This will serve as a barrier between your car’s paint and the winter weather. You can also use a spray wax for added protection – keeping the paint in good condition can save you a great deal of money on upkeep.

Use a Car Cover

Another way to protect the paint and other components of your vehicle is to cover it. You might even find a car cover designed to protect it in all types of weather. This kind of cover is ideal if you travel at all times of year. You’ll want to shield your vehicle from the hot sun in summer just as much as from the cold and moisture in winter.

Check the Tire Pressure

Before you embark on your trip out of SeaTac, be sure to check the pressure in your car’s tires. It’s always best to drive with tires that are filled properly – especially in the wintertime. If you fill the tires before you park the car at the Aeroparking lot, they should be functional enough to get you home – or at least, to a facility where you may check and fill them again before you drive back home to Canada.

Check the Fluids

You should also have a professional check the fluids in your car before your trip. You will need these to be filled before your trip from Canada to SeaTac. By getting them checked and filled before your trip, you won’t need to worry about the fluids on your way home, either. Your mechanic should check the oil, antifreeze, and transmission fluid, as well as the windshield wiper fluid.

If you’re planning an extended visit somewhere and have chosen to fly out of SeaTac, you can do a few things to prepare your car for the time it will be parked. Keeping it waxed and covered will help to protect it from the weather. Checking the tire pressure and fluid levels will help to make driving to and from SeaTac as smooth as possible.


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