Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Reserve Your Parking Online When You Fly Out of SeaTac: It’s the Quick and Easy Choice

Woman on ComputerIf you’re driving to SeaTac from Canada, you’ll want to be confident that you have a parking spot reserved. If you have ever parked at the airport, then you’re probably already aware that this is not a way to save money – so you will need to find a different place to reserve a spot and park your vehicle. An option that appeals to many Canadians flying from SeaTac is to park at an offsite lot that offers affordable rates.

This is one reason that the Aeroparking facility at SeaTac appeals to so many people who drive in from Canada. The Aeroparking lot offers rates that are about half the cost of airport parking lot rates, and the location is securely guarded to ensure your safety (as well as the security of your vehicle!).

How to Reserve Your Parking Spot at Aeroparking

Before you set out on your trip to SeaTac, you’ll want to make sure that you will have a parking spot available when you arrive. You can do this quickly and easily when you fill out Aeroparking’s online form. The form requires only a little basic information, including your first and last name, your email address, and your phone number. If you wish to leave a comment, there is a text box available. You can then leave your payment information, which is kept completely secure, of course. After that, simply click the “Reserve Now” link, and you will have a reserved spot once you get to SeaTac.

Get a Free Quote

If you’d like to get a free quote before you secure a reservation, you may fill out the free quote form just above the online reservation form. This is a quick and easy form to complete, as well. Just enter the date and time of the days you plan to arrive and return. If you are a member of the Aeroparking Perks Club, remember to enter the number in the appropriate box – you’ll then get an additional discount for every day that you park!

Valet Parking

One point worth noting is that you will usually be able to park your car quickly upon arriving at the Aeroparking facility. However, during high volume times, valet service may be employed. You may leave your car with valet personnel, and then you can get on a free shuttle bus and go to the airport.

Reservations are Guaranteed

Once you book your reservation online, you will be guaranteed a spot when you arrive. This is a crucial detail if you’re driving from Canada to SeaTac. Securing a reservation online means that you won’t be turned away when you get to the lot – no matter how busy it is. You can also cancel or change your reservations online.

Parking at Aeroparking is an obvious choice for many Canadians flying from SeaTac. The rates are affordable, and the lot is safe and professionally secured. Be sure to book your reservations online for added convenience the next time you fly from SeaTac Airport.

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