Our Blog: Parking Tips for Canadian Travelers Leaving from SeaTac Airport

Have You Ever Parked at SeaTac Airport? The Secret to Getting a Better Deal

Save MoneyWhen you drive from Canada to fly out of SeaTac, you might assume that airport parking is the most economical option. Many unfortunate travelers have learned that this is not generally true. In fact, parking at the airport while you’re on your trip could actually negate the savings you hoped to enjoy by flying out of SeaTac instead of Canada. You may be surprised to learn that offsite parking near SeaTac Airport (Aeroparking) is a much better choice if you want to save money.

Comparing the Rates

A quick look at the rates on the SeaTac site will confirm that parking at the airport is an expensive and unnecessary luxury. Countless people have been unpleasantly surprised to learn that airport parking is as expensive as it is. Once you get to the airport and have just enough time to catch your flight, you may be stuck paying rates you never imagined you’d pay when you started your trip from Canada.

The Alternative You Need to Save Money

Since the whole point of driving from Canada to SeaTac Airport is to save money, don’t get caught in the common trap of paying exorbitant parking rates at the airport. You can rely on a much more cost-effective alternative: Offsite SeaTac parking at the Aeroparking facility. The total daily rates are typically about half of what you’d pay to park for a week at the airport. Aeroparking is just a few minutes away from SeaTac, making it both a convenient and affordable option.

Other Ways to Save With Aeroparking

In addition to providing you with rates that you can actually afford, Aeroparking offers other ways to save money. When you book your reservations online, you can take advantage of any Web specials that are currently being offered. Since most Canadians who park at Aeroparking prefer to secure a spot before they make the drive to SeaTac, a Web special is just an added bonus for doing something that you probably planned on doing anyway.

Perks Club Savings

Aeroparking also offers rewards to people who use the lot. You can earn rewards points every time you park at this secure offsite SeaTac facility. Once you accumulate enough points, you may redeem them for free parking days. All you need to do is get a rewards card at the cashier’s booth on the lot. Then, register your card online, where you may also log in to your account to manage your reservations. You will earn five points for each day you park at Aeroparking, and you’ll get a free day of parking once you accumulate 35 points.

Parking at the airport can be an alarmingly steep expense. Fortunately, an affordable alternative is located only minutes away from SeaTac Airport. Aeroparking offers a clean, secure lot that costs much less than the lot at the airport. When you drive in to SeaTac from Canada, be sure you get the most from your travel budget by parking wisely at the Aeroparking lot.

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