Q: What is the distance to the airport?
A: We are approximately 2 kilometers south of the airport.  View our map and directions.

Q: Do you really offer a FREE 24/7 shuttle to & from the airport?
A: Yes!

Q: How often does the shuttle run?
A: Effective 07/01/2014, as requested by our Valued Customers, shuttles will run every 15 minutes.  The new non-stop shuttle runs will improve our service and reduce your wait time for the shuttle.  Additionally we have added a third shuttle into rotation mornings and evenings during our peak hours of travel.  Please check with the parking attendant for the next shuttle run to the airport as you arrive to the lot.  Upon your return, please call us to request a “pick up” and tell us how many people we are picking up.  The parking attendant will give you an estimated time of arrival for the shuttle to the airport.

Q: What if I return late or arrive early from my trip?
A: We know things happen, and sometimes trips take an unexpected turn. If for some reason your flight comes in later or earlier than the times you made a reservation for, there is no need to worry. We do not charge crazy fees for these occurrences, and we will not tow your car. If your stay runs longer you will only be responsible for the extra time you have stayed at the current daily rate. If you return earlier than your reserved time, we will refund you within seven days.

Q: Does Aeroparking provide receipts?
A: Keep your confirmation email. This is your receipt. We will provide a receipt for any additional time stayed past the time you have reserved upon exiting the lot. You can retrieve this from one of our courteous attendants at our booth.

Q: Does Aeroparking valet park?
A: While Aeroparking is a “self park” lot, there may be times when our parking stalls fill and we will utilize a complimentary valet. If you arrive and this is the case, our lot attendant will inform you and direct you to the designated parking area. Once you reach the designated parking area our valet will accept your vehicle keys, check for any pre-existing damages, and the shuttle driver will help you on to the shuttle. As always, your car will be treated with the utmost care. and lot will keep a close eye on it until you return.

Q: How long will it take to get from Aeroparking’s lot to the airport?
A:  Allow 10-15 minutes as an average arrival time, however actual arrival times may very during peak traffic hours.

Q: How do I get from at the airport back to my vehicle?
A: Just give us a call +1 (888) 955-7275 as you leave baggage claim. Our RED BUS will meet you at either at island #1 or island #3 of the courtesy shuttle area inside the parking garage across from baggage claim.

Q: Which airlines fly out of Sea-Tac Airport?
A: Please see this page which provides details on the different airlines that fly out of Sea-Tac Airport.

Q: Do you offer any corporate discounts?
A: Please ask your accounting department to establish your company today and contact info@aeroparking.com

Q: What are your accepted methods of payment?
A: For airport parking reservations and at checkout we accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Our corporate parking club members can pay directly or request monthly billing.

Q: I lost my receipt. Can I reprint my receipt for my expense report?
A: Yes. Aeroparking Perks members can view the last 30 days of parking history and reprint receipts from our secured login screen.

Q: How do I redeem my Aeroparking Perks for free days?
A: Aeroparking Perks can be redeemed on line when making a reservation or by simply notifying the cashier up checkout.

Q: How do I cancel my reservation?
A: There are numerous ways to cancel your reservation;

  1. Call us. 1-888-955-PARK (7275)
  2. Email us.
  3. From your own Aeroparking account.

Q: What is the cancellation Policy for Reservations?
A: Cancellations “within” 24 hours of arrival date & time will incurred a $15.00 cancellation fee. We will hold the $15.00 and refund the price difference. Cancellations 24 hours “outside” of arrival date & time will be a full refund. Same day bookings and cancellations will require a call to Aeroparking.


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