Tips for Your Trip
SeaTac Airport’s tips page includes security and check-in information.

Live SeaTac Webcam
Live SeaTac Webcam courtesy of King5.

Real-Time SeaTac Flight Info via Text Message
Users get real-time flight information sent to their cell phone.

  • Create a new text message
  • Type your airline and flight number in the body of the message. Example, Alaska 1234
  • Enter the code “FlySEA” or 359732 in the “Send To” area
  • Send the message

Cell phone updates are a one-time, passenger activated service. In order to receive another update you must text the address again. Your cell phone carrier’s standard rates apply.

Travel Tools
Seat Guru – Shows you the best seats for your flight.

Flight Aware – Really cool flight tracking site. Maps the current location of nearly any flight. Shows historical flight information as well.

Trip It – Neat site that consolidates your itineraries and those of your travel companions.


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